Almost every culture in this world has some form

of traditions regarding space clearing.

Some call it a house blessing

others may have a house warming party.

A business may have a grand opening

to welcome in new energies for a positive business.

Space clearing rituals cleanse an environment from lower energies

that can cause subconscious discomfort in every day life.

While learning from many native traditions we have created cleansing ceremony

with use of sacred heart space and tools that not only will rise the energy of any kind of dwelling

but it will hold its vibration for as long as you welcome it in humble matter.

All space cleansing includes creating sacred space, smudging, sacred waters, scent and songs,

sounds of native drum and crystal bowls.

All the participants will be smudged with Sage and Palo Santo

Price depends on place and time of the cleansing 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to schedule a cleansing ceremony.